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    H. Michael Steinberg’s Qualifications as a Colorado Domestic Violence Criminal Defense Lawyer

    H. Michael Steinberg’s Qualifications to Represent You In Court*

    HMS logo white (2)There is No Substitute for over 40 years in the Courtrooms of the Denver Colorado Metropolitan Area and the Front Range.

    (13 of those years as a Senior Career Felony Prosecutor in Arapahoe County, Colorado. The State of Colorado’s Second Largest Judicial District.)

    All lawyers know in their hearts (whatever they may tell you) that there has never been, nor will there ever be, a substitute for time in the courtroom and the seasoning that comes with long years of day to day warfare in the trenches of the courthouse… -H. Michael Steinberg

    The Steinberg Colorado Criminal Defense Firm focuses on defending all types and levels of Colorado Criminal Offenses. 

    However this site is intended to focus on Colorado Domestic Violence Cases.

    After 40 years in the courts of the Colorado Criminal Justice System, I have seen an unprecedented focus on so called domestic violence cases. 

    Beginning in 1985, with the legislative passage of several new laws, including mandatory arrest laws in these cases that took away the discretion of law enforcement officers on the street, Colorado courts have seen an epidemic in new cases alleging acts of ‘domestic violence.’ 

    Clients are unsure where to turn. The risks of a conviction and the resulting damage to intimate relationships as well as with, employment, standing int he community and to family and friends are very high  Job and career objectives are often on the line. People in situations like these need experienced attorneys that they can trust to defend their rights in court.   

    H. Michael Steinberg has an understanding of these issues that only 26 years of Colorado courtroom experience can bring to these difficult cases.


    Before entering law school throughout college and after – H. Michael volunteered to represent the indigent and the poor for Legal Aid and Legal Services Corporation Agencies across the United States – on both coasts and in the middle west – in he states of Massachusetts, Oregon and Illinois. The latter was a one year assignment as a paralegal for VISTA – PEACECORPS in the late 1970’s.

    Mr. Steinberg graduated from the University of Massachusettsin 1978, cum laude (with honors) with a B.A. in Legal Studies/Honors Studies. Thereafter he graduated from the University of Oregon Law School in 1982 and came to the great state of Colorado. His first position as an attorney was to work side by side with one of the great District Court judges of the Denver bench, the Honorable Alvin D. Litchenstein. Judge Litchenstein taught Mr. Steinberg the meaning of hard work to accomplish just results in, and out, of the courtroom.

    In Law School – at the University of Oregon School of Law – H. Michael interned and worked as a Law Student Prosecutor for the United States Department of Justice his second year of law school. In his third year of law school at the Lane County Oregon (Eugene) Office of the District Attorney he set a record for trying more cases than any other intern for that large metropolitan office.

    Former Senior Felony “Career” Prosecutor

    As a career district attorney for over twelve years, Mr. Steinberg has handled several thousand serious felony cases and countless misdemeanor and traffic cases. He has taken dozens of jury trials to verdict and has argued hundreds of contested adversarial hearings while actively engaged in the practice of trial and appellate law in the Denver Area area for the last thirty years.

    Trial Lawyer: 12+ years as a Senior Deputy District Attorney

    From 1984 to 1997, Mr. Steinberg was a Senior Trial Deputy District Attorney for the Arapahoe/Douglas County District Attorney’s Office – the second largest judicial district in the State of Colorado. Mr. Steinberg prosecuted numerous top level felony cases, including several high profile felony crimes of violence and white collar criminal cases (see below).

    Among the trials prosecuted…

    …by Mr. Steinberg have been multiple cases of first and second degree murder, rape, kidnapping, aggravated robbery, strong arm robbery, first, second and third degree burglary, sex crimes including crimes againstchildren, child abuse resulting in death, criminally negligent homicide, domestic violence, securities fraud and all forms of white collar crimes, including crimes against the elderly and other “at risk” victims, arson, insurance fraud and, many, many other crimes

    Adjunct Professor

    Mr. Steinberg stays up to date with the ever changing area of criminal law – for many of his early years after leaving the DA’s Office – he taught young college students and police officers as an instructor at the Community College of Aurora.

    Police Academy Instructor

    Mr. Steinberg also teaches law enforcement officers and cadets at sheriff and police academies along the front range…among them the Colorado Sheriffs Training Institute , and the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Training Academy as well as the retraining of the security forces at Rocky Flats -(which involves the retooling of the armed and unarmed uniformed protective force involved in the physical protection of the DOE/Rocky Flats ETS property site).

    Expert in Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure

    Among the courses he regularly teaches are Constitutional Law – emphasis on all aspects of search and seizure law, Juvenile Law, Torts and Personal Injury Law, Evidence, Criminal Law and Procedure, Criminology, Use of Force, Courtroom Testimony, the civil liability of police officers and several other courses relating to law enforcement issues.

    Appellate Lawyer

    Mr. Steinberg’s experience also includes an extensive foundation in appellate work. As a former Special Assistant Attorney General for the State of Colorado, Criminal Enforcement Section, he has pursued several complex appeals in the Colorado Court of Appeals and in the Colorado Supreme Court on behalf of the the State. Several of those cases have made new law in the state. He now brings that appellate experience to bear on behalf of his clients Many of Mr. Steinberg’s cases have been published by the Colorado Court of Appeal and the Colorado Supreme Court. Three of those case follow:

    Colorado Case Law People v. J.M., 22 P.3d 545 (Colo. App. 2000) No. 99CA0867 2000.

    Colorado Case Law People v. Esquivel-Alaniz, 985 P.2d 22 (Colo. App. January 7, 1999) No. 97CA1272 January 7, 1999 Rehearing Denied Jan. 28, 1999. Certiorari Denied Sept. 7, 1999.

    Colorado Case Law People v. Luman, 994 P.2d 432 (Colo. App. April 15, 1999) No. 96CA1561 April 15, 1999

    Continuing Legal Education

    Mr. Steinberg is an active member of the Colorado and Arapahoe Bar Associations, the Colorado Trial Lawyer’s Association, the Colorado Criminal Defense Bar Association and the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. He strives to remain up to date on changes in the criminal law and on issues bearing on successful criminal defense.

    Professional Affiliations

    Background in Complex Civil Litigation

    After retiring from the Arapahoe County District Attorney’s Office, and before opening his own law firm, Mr. Steinberg associated with the prestigious Denver Firms of Burg, Simpson, Eldredge Hersh and Houliston P.C and Walberg, Dagner and Tucker P.C. practicing in the area of complex civil litigation and representing both plaintiffs and insurance defense clients. He has practiced in such legally complex areas as products liability law, medical malpractice defense, insurance defense law, personal injury, computer, internet and environmental law.

    Aggressive and Thorough Representation Using Advanced Technology

    Mr. Steinberg is known for lengthy and thorough pretrial challenges, motions, trial preparation, trial strategy, juror selection, and every aspect of trial law. He has over 26 years experience in the utilization of advanced technology including state-of-the-art computer hardware and software for legal research and writing and case management and the use of a high speed cable access link to the internet for expansive fact and medical research.  He Built this website and three others like it from scratch.

    Mr. Steinberg’s strong interest and use of the these technologies (he built and maintains this website) greatly enhances the successful representation of his clients.

    H. Michael Steinberg lives in the Denver, Colorado area with his wife and two college aged children and four dogs. He has been happliy married for over 25 years. They have been residents of Colorado since 1982.

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