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    Experienced Colorado Domestic Violence Criminal Lawyers 

    by Colorado Domestic Violence Criminal Defense Lawyer – Attorney – H. Michael Steinberg

    Experienced Colorado Domestic Violence Criminal Lawyers know the answer to the question – Does Experience Make A Difference In A Colorado Domestic Violence Criminal Defense Lawyer?  The answer is a resounding “Yes”.. You would never ask that question about a heart surgeon – the architect who designed your house – or the engineer who designed your car.. It’s obvious – yet many people never ask the question – what is your experience as a Colorado criminal defense lawyer?

    Experienced Colorado Domestic Violence Criminal Lawyers in Colorado

    Experienced Colorado Domestic ViolenceCriminal Lawyers in Colorado

    Perhaps you have never needed an attorney’s help before, but given the criminal charges against you – you believe now would be a good time to hire someone. How do you find an attorney? Where do you look? What do you look for in an Attorney?

    Retain A LOCAL Well Known and Well Respected Colorado Criminal Defense Specialist

    There are many lawyers in Colorado – but as you examine and investigate their qualifications – few are Colorado criminal defense specialists with more than 20 or 40 years in the field of Colorado criminal law…especially Colorado domestic violence law.

    When I receive calls from the Western Slope of Colorado – such as Grand Junction – and I am asked to represent clients who are willing to spend a great deal of money to fly me to the western edge of Colorado, I encourage these individuals to look for “me” locally.

    A local Colorado criminal defense lawyer has a critical advantage – he or she will be familiar with the specific trial courts in their the geographical area  in which they practice. They will know the judges, the prosecutors even the police detectives who are or become involved with the case. I advise these individuals to seize that advantage before looking outside of their jurisdiction.

    Experienced Colorado Domestic Violence Criminal Lawyers – A Matter of Trust.. And Good Judgment

    You will need someone whose judgment you trust. If you decide – for example – to take your case to trial, you will be working with your lawyer for several months – closely – intensely. The path to trial can sometimes take more than a year. During that time – your attorney will be compelled to make many decisions on your behalf. Sometimes those decisions must be made very quickly with significant impact  on your legal rights by those decisions. Experience here – is obviously the key to the very best outcome.

    “Your Decisions” – Based On Your Lawyer’s Advice

    As your Colorado criminal case unfolds -there will also be times when you are going to have to make very important decisions based on your lawyer’s advice and guidance. Trust and confidence in your lawyer and in his or her assistance in making those decisions is also the key to a successful outcome. During this process – the resolution of conflicts between you nd your lawyer – such as preventing the “noise” of disagreements between yourself and your attorney – can be critically important.

    Most of the key decisions in a Colorado criminal case are yours, and yours alone. While your lawyer’s role is to advise you – you are left alone in the decision to.. take a plea bargain offered by the DA, whether to go to trial, whether your want a judge or a jury, and finally – and most important of all at trial – whether to take the stand and testify.

    Your lawyer will determine – the order and nature of the witnesses to call, the method of direct and cross- examination, when and how to object. These are known as strategic or tactical decisions. While you will talk with your lawyer about your case, there is only one captain of the ship – and the mode and method of the trip – the direction and decisions about the journey are his – YOU decide the destination.

    Communication With Your Colorado Domestic Violence Criminal Defense Lawyer

    A constant – because of the ever changing landscape of a Colorado Criminal case – is the need to have someone who can communicate well with you. Whether your lawyer or you prefer talking in court – by cell – by email or by text, you will want to retain a lawyer who will quickly respond to your queries in a way that thoroughly answers your questions and assists you to make the key decisions about your case.

    If After Speaking To An Experienced Colorado Domestic Violence Criminal Lawyer – Ask Yourself – “Am I Comfortable With This Person?”

    Next -ask yourself – before – during- and after speaking to the lawyer – do you feel comfortable with that attorney? Did he – or she listen to you – answer every question competently and clearly? Is he or she the lawyer who will actually doing the work on your case? If not, find out now – not when you fo to court with a young inexperienced associate. This happens too often and after you have succumbed to this “bait and switch” tactic – it may be too late to make a change.

    Is This Lawyer Experienced In The Specific Domestic Violence Criminal Charges In Your Case?

    In a gun shot case – is he or she familiar with gunshot residue testing, firearms identification testimony, ballistics? In a sex assault case – has he or she handled these highly specialized cases before and for how many years? ECU (economic crime cases), domestic violence cases, drug crime cases, probation violation cases .. ALL require a level of experience your case mist have.

    Asking your lawyer questions as the case progresses will only enhance your confidence in your lawyer’s understanding of the legal and technical issues in your criminal case. The internet is a great source of information to help educate you on your criminal charges.

    The Role Of Confidentiality In Colorado Lawyer Client Relationships

    Third parties – family – friends – even acquaintances – play a role in the defense of your case. Your lawyer should explain to you that his ONLY loyalty is to YOU no matter who is paying the bills. It is equally important that you instruct your attorney on exactly WHO you have authorized to have information about the case.

    ALL communications with your lawyer are confidential and privileged. Your lawyer cannot disclose your thoughts – your wishes – absolutely anything to a third party – without your permission. This also applies to conversations between your lawyer and investigators or other experts retained to assist at trial – this is protected as attorney “work-product.”

    Confidentiality works one way. If you foolishly talk about your case with anyone else – other than a spouse, physician (in some instances) pastor or other religious advisor, there is a risk not only that they might disclose the contents of your conversation – but they might be subpoenaed to testify against you at trial.. This includes your parents AND our children.

    Do Your Homework – This Decision May Affect The Rest Of Your Life

    Speak to several attorneys to get a feel for different styles of communication, experience, and that nebulous sense of trust. You will be working with this person for months, and perhaps for years, please make sure you are comfortable that lawyer.

    If You Have To Make The Decision While You Are in Jail…

    Choosing a lawyer while is jail is difficult at best. Your ability to speak with the lawyer is limited and while your communications are almost certainly recorded – you will NOT have the same privileges as a lawyer in protecting your legal mail and work-product when you are communicating with family and friends on the subject of locating and selecting your lawyer. Be careful.

    How To Communicate With Your Colorado Domestic Violence Criminal Defense Lawyer

    Colorado’s Code of Professional Responsibility defines the attorney’s duties to clients, courts, and opposing counsel. To be effective – and successful – you must communicate clearly with your attorney and make certain that he or she understands the facts of your case, your concerns and questions, and the priorities for your defense. There is no more important task than preparing for conference calls, courtroom conferences or other critical meetings. This cooperation level enables your lawyer to discharge his or her responsibility is to zealously represent you within the bounds of the law. Communicating with you easily and efficiently can be the key to a great result in your case.

    Tell the truth to about your case. Lying or “spinning” the facts of your case – ignoring the bad facts about you or the crimes charged – is the most dangerous game there is. Your lawyer should NEVER be blind-sided by the prosecutor because you failed to tell the lawyer about some critical bad fact that was important.

    Finally – if you disagree with your Colorado criminal defense lawyer’s advice or strategy and tactics, don’t hesitate to confront that lawyer as soon as possible. If necessary – email him or her – or otherwise put the disagreement in some form of writing. Clarity of purpose and only the best communication can occur here – it is too late if the sheriff is cuffing you and court and taking you down the “long hall.” Experienced lawyers do make the difference.. There is no other conclusion when all is said and done.

    Retain ONLY Experienced Colorado Domestic Violence Criminal Lawyers

    Denver Colorado Domestic Violence Criminal Defense Lawyer

    The Law Offices of H. Michael Steinberg, in Denver, Colorado, provide criminal defense clients with effective, efficient, intelligent and strong legal advocacy. We can educate you and help you navigate the stressful and complex legal process related to your criminal defense issue.

    H. Michael Steinberg, is a Denver, Colorado criminal defense lawyer who will provide you with a free initial case consultation to evaluate your legal issues and answer your questions with an honest assessment of your options.

    Helping Clients To Make Informed Decisions In the Defense of Colorado Criminal Cases. Colorado Defense Lawyer H. Michael Steinberg provides solid criminal defenses for clients throughout the Front Range of Colorado….He is one of the most Experienced Colorado Domestic Violence Criminal Lawyers in Colorado.

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