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    Meeting With Your Colorado  Domestic Violence Criminal Defense Lawyer For The First Time

    And Making The Decision To Retain The Right Domestic Violence Lawyer

    by Colorado Domestic Violence Criminal Defense Lawyer – Attorney – H. Michael Steinberg

    Meeting With Your Colorado Domestic Violence Criminal Defense Lawyer For The First Time does not have to be nerve racking or uncomfortable. Actually it should be the opposite. Maybe – for the first time in your case – you will feel that you have someone “on your side;” – someone who has your complete confidence, someone to whom you can tell the whole truth … so.. I would urge you to trust your lawyer and TELL YOUR LAWYER THE COMPLETE TRUTH.

    Meeting With Your Colorado Domestic Violence Criminal Defense Lawyer For The First Time

    Meeting With Your Colorado Domestic Violence Criminal Defense Lawyer For The First Time

    Meeting With Your Colorado Domestic Violence Criminal Defense Lawyer For The First Time There is nothing a lawyer hates more in a trial or hearing – than to be surprised by the evidence.    Being in trial is all about control – total control of the direction of the trial.  When a client has not disclosed an important and possibly destructive “bad fact” the lawyer – surprised by the disclosure has to scramble to react and to “act” as if they were aware of the bad fact all along.  Something that is not only difficult – but nearly impossible if the bad fact is a game changer.

    So here it is.. at the first meeting with your attorney you will convey your story with absolute honesty – to do otherwise would be at your own peril.


    Lying to your attorney is one of the most dangerous things you can do in life. 

    It is like lying to your doctor and hiding your symptoms. Without all of the facts and evidence in a case –  a Colorado criminal defense lawyer cannot do his or her job effectively. Ultimately YOU are the one hurt by that ineffectiveness.

    ALL Of Your Statements To Your Lawyer Before And After The Lawyer Is Retained – Are Confidential – The Attorney/Client Privilege

    Anything  – everything – you tell a lawyer – before – during -or after being retained is confidential forever. With only a few extrordinary and rare exceptions to this rule – your attorney can never be forced to divulge anything you tell that lawyer. The exception – you tell that lawyer that you are about to harm someone – and that withholding said information puts either you or someone else in imminent danger.

    Put another way – A lawyer must reveal information to the authorities IF not disclosing the information could cause certain death or substantial bodily harm to that other person.  Examples in this category are certain serious aspects of domestic violence or child abuse. 

    This usually involves:

    1) preventing you from committing a crime,


    2) preventing, limiting or correcting serious injury to someone else’s financial interests or property if the injury could be caused by the client’s crime or fraud…or along those same lines – you involve our criminal defense lawyer in the commission of that crime or fraud.

    Once again – under the Colorado Rules of Professional Conduct – your lawyer can never reveal to anyone – ANY information you disclose to that lawyer as regards the case unless you consent to that disclosure.

    You Can NEVER Give Your Domestic Violence Criminal Defense Lawyer TOO MUCH Information

    Never – ever worry about giving your Colorado criminal defense lawyer too much information. That is not possible.  First – thoroughly answer ALL of the lawyer’s questions and then add anything that you can think of that could possibly be relevant.

    Meeting With Your Colorado Domestic Violence Criminal Defense Lawyer For The First Time – Means Clear and Constantly Updated Communication

    The best Colorado criminal defense lawyers are “issue spotters.”  As the lawyer listens to the  story, he or she will be searching his experience base for issues that can used to defend the case.

    He or she will be – almost instantly – formulating a strategy – a defense “theme” that will pervade the defense of the case.

    At the first meeting – the criminal defense lawyer does not yet have the State’s case – also known as “discovery.”The first defense theme that emerges from the first meeting is one based on your version of the facts.  When the lawyer later reviews and analyzes the State of Colorado’s case – a new strategy or “tweaked version” of the defense theme typically emerges.  This tweaked version has to account for evidence unknown to or undisclosed by the client – defendant.

    Spotting Issues – How You Can Help Your Domestic Violence Lawyer

    When asking you for your recall of what happened in your case – your lawyer will ask you to be very factual and very specific about what happened. Explain your legal problem – reveal all facts, both favorable and unfavorable, about your situation.

    Here Are A Few Of Some Of The Questions Your Lawyer Should Ask:

    Were you alone when the crime allegedly occurred?  Were there any witnesses at the scene before – or after it happened.

        • Were you the only person charged?
        • Was there an immediate arrest – or was there a delay in your arrest.
        • Were you searched – how – under what conditions?
        • Was there a lineup?  Was there an informant used to catch you in the act?
        • Did you answer any questions propounded by the police?  Did you write a statement?  Did you sign a statement written by the police officer?
        • What tactics or techniques did the police use to arrest you? To question you?  To lead you to answers to their questions (leading question techniques)?
        • Were you actually present during the crime (do you have an alibi)  Did you attempt – as in assault cases – defense of yourself – others – or your  property?
        • Do you know the names of any or all of the witnesses who were in any way involved?
        • Have you ever been charged – or convicted in the past? Are you on probation or parole?
        • Do you have a professional license?

    What Information Will I Learn From The Lawyer At The First  – Initial Consultation?

    A competent Colorado criminal defense lawyer will explain not only the charges against you, they will take your “facts” and explain how these facts fit into the law. The lawyer will explain not only the worst case scenario – but the best case scanrio.. He or she should explain the criminal laws you are charged with and the legal penalties for someone convicted of the crime with which you are charged.

    At the first meeting however ALL oft the State’s evidence is not usually available – so the opionions rendered by the lawyer must – by definition – be tentative – as they will be based on the information known at the time of the meeting.

    What Information Will I NOT Receive From The Lawyer At The First  – Initial Consultation?

    You will not hear about definite outcome of your case… but rather – the likely outcome.

    Criminal cases are dynamic to say the least. They are always changing.. this is what has drawn me to this profession for over 40 years. Each side  of a criminal case is constantly changing their approach – adjusting to what can only be called “bad facts.”  There is a lot of gamesmanship going on. There is never a “road map”  to the end result.  That result is unknown at this first meeting.. because all of the facts and evidence have yet to be uncovered. 

    The First Meeting – Be Early – Be Efficent

    Always be on time or early.  Bring ALL information /documents relevant to the case.  Come with a list of pre-prepared questions to make efficient use of the time you have.  Try to relax and to listen carefully when the lawyer explains how the facts and the law affect your case.

    Bringing ALL Documentation 

    Bring Everything You Have on the Case to the First Meeting – this Would Include:

        • Warrants or Police Documentation of Items Seized
        • The Information and Complaint in Felonies – the Summons – (Ticket) in Misdemeanors
        • All Bail Related Papers Dates and the Times of Future Appearances
        • All Police Reports, If You Have or Can Get Them
        • Your Criminal History – as Much as You Can Recall.
        • Any Paperwork Relating to a Search of Your Property
        • A List of Any Witnesses, Alleged Victims, or Other Co-defendants That Maybe Connected to Your Case.

    The First Meeting.. You Might Ask Some – or All of These Questions

        • When you first speak to a good candidate as a Colorado criminal lawyer, you must ask the right questions to learn whether he or she has right experience in defending cases similar to yours.
        • How long have you been a lawyer?
        • Do you specialize in Colorado criminal law?
        • Are you familiar with the charges I am facing?
        • How often do you appear in the county and at the courthouse where the case is pending?
        • How would you describe your relationship with the prosecutors office?
        • How long does it usually take to complete a case like this on?
        • What are the respective roles that we both have in making decisions about this case?
        • Will you inform me of the problems we are facing as the case proceeds through the courts?
        • Will you always be available to answer all of my questions even when they seem trivial and unimportant or – too difficult?
        • Do you have the time  – referencing your case load, to work on this case?
        • How many years have you practiced law?

    The Legal Evaluation Of Your Case – Understanding The Process

        • What happens if I plead guilty?
        • Can I agree to plead guilty to a lesser charge?
        • Should I go to trial?
        • Which facts in the case work in my favor?
        • Which facts work against me?
        • What tactics or strategy might you utilize – after hearing just my side of the case ?
        • What is the process I can expect from now until the case is resolved?
        • Do you have time to represent me?
        • Will you personally handle my case – or will the case be “handed off” to another less experienced lawyer?
        • Will you answer all of my questions?
        • Can I expect a quick response if I ask you a question?

    Meeting With Your Colorado Domestic Violence Criminal Defense – The Final Selection

    When you are done interviewing the criminal defense attorneys, it is time to select one to hire.

    Your decision is easy if one of the lawyers clearly has met all your requirements… if two of your “target” lawyers qualify – then you may need to organize your thoughts along these lines

        • Which attorney is THE most experienced with the kind of charges I am charged with?
        • Which of the lawyers sounded as if they had a solid approach to defending the case?
        • Which was more direct – in which attorney am I most confident? –
        • Which lawyer’s fees were the more reasonable – if one was more expensive – did his or her experience justify the difference?

    If you are honest with yourself you will know which lawyer you can trust and the answers to these questions should lead you to your best bet in a Colorado criminal defense attorney.

    Meeting With Your Colorado Domestic Violence Criminal Defense Lawyer For The First Time

    Denver Colorado False Reporting Criminal Defense Lawyer

    ABOUT THE AUTHOR: H. Michael Steinberg – Email The Author:mailto: [email protected]

    If you are charged with a Colorado Crime -please call our office. The Law Offices of H. Michael Steinberg, in Denver, Colorado, provide criminal defense clients with effective, efficient, intelligent and strong legal advocacy. We can educate you and help you navigate the stressful and complex legal process related to your criminal defense issue.

    H. Michael Steinberg, is a Denver, Colorado criminal defense lawyer with over 40 years of day to day courtroom experience –  specializing only in Colorado Criminal Law along the Front Range.  He will provide you with a free initial case consultation to evaluate your legal issues and to answer your questions with an honest assessment of your options.  Remember, it costs NOTHING to discuss your case.  So call now for an immediate free phone consultation.

    Helping Clients To Make Informed Decisions In the Defense of Colorado Criminal Cases. Colorado Defense Lawyer H. Michael Steinberg provides solid criminal defenses for clients throughout the Front Range of Colorado – including the City and County courts of Adams County, Arapahoe County, City and County of Boulder, City and County of Broomfield, City and County of Denver, Douglas County, El Paso County – Colorado Springs, Gilpin County, Jefferson County, Larimer County, and Weld County,…. and all the other cities and counties of Colorado along the I-25 Corridor…  and especially involving … what to do when Meeting With Your Colorado Domestic Violence Criminal Defense Lawyer For The First Time.

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