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    Category Archive:  Contempt of Court

    Mar 15

    Colorado’s Stalking Law By Colorado Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer Attorney – for the defense of Stalking – Harassment Cases – H. Michael Steinberg Colorado Stalking – Harassment Lawyer, C.R.S. 18-3-602 fo Felony Charges Colorado’s Stalking Law presents as one of the most complex felonies alleging domestic violence in the state. The law itself is vague – confusing – and difficult to understand. However a 2010 Colorado Court of Appeals case People v. Demetrius Herron – … Read The Rest

    Sep 22

    I am often asked as a Colorado Domestic Violence Lawyer – ” what if I refuse to come to trial and testify?” Ethically – ALL lawyers know they MUST urge their clients and ALL witnesses to obey court orders and testify – even when they do not want to ..this is because the criminal justice system would collapse if witnesses could pick and choose when they will obey a Court Order of any kind. Trials are … Read The Rest

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