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    Category Archive:  Domestic Violence and Victims Benefits

    Jul 23

      By H. Michael Steinberg – Colorado Domestic Violence Criminal Defense Lawyer Domestic violence cases in Massachusetts follow the same kind of knee jerk response to high profile cases in Colorado As a result of the conviction for murder of Jared Remy – the son of red Sox player Jerry Remy, ALL defendant’s in Massachusetts’ domestic violence cases will face extreme scrutiny before bail is set in their cases. In August of 2014 Jared Remy … Read The Rest

    Jul 08

      By H. Michael Steinberg Colorado Domestic Violence Crimes Criminal Defense Lawyer – Email the Author at [email protected] Alleged Victims Of Colorado Domestic Violence Entitled To Major Benefits Under State and Federal Law – The “presumption of guilt” that follows a charge of a crime of domestic violence in Colorado and across the nation is unlike any other criminal charge in the criminal justice system. Well before any kind of finding of guilt or innocence … Read The Rest

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