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    Category Archive:  False Allegations in Domestic Violence Cases

    Sep 13

    Why Colorado Domestic Cases Should Be Dismissed By H. Michael Steinberg – Colorado Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer – Attorney Why Colorado Domestic Cases Should Be Dismissed  – Experienced Colorado criminal defense lawyers who practice in the courts of Colorado are only too well aware of the problems that have arisen out of the “one size fits all” approach of Colorado Domestic Violence Laws. When a woman (or a man – in the minority of cases) … Read The Rest

    Aug 06

    By Denver Colorado Domestic Criminal Defense Lawyer – Attorney – H. Michael Steinberg When alleged domestic violence victims lie to obtain revenge on a former boyfriend that is a tragedy of enormous proportions. When that person – the alleged domestic violence victim – is a police officer using her office to persuade authorities that her boyfriend attacked her – that is a felony deserving of prison. Domestic Violence – False Allegations As a result of the lies of Colorado … Read The Rest

    Jul 28

    By Colorado Domestic Violence Criminal Defense Lawyer – Attorney – H. Michael Steinberg The impact of a domestic violence restraining order cannot be understated – this article attempts to educate you – the Colorado citizen – on the issues pressing on the target of such an order False allegations of domestic violence are common in divorce, legal separation and child custody cases. The strategy of seeking a permanent restraining order is so commonplace today – … Read The Rest

    May 27

    Introduction – One of the reasons more domestic violence cases should go to trial is to have a “crack: at the lying victim…the victim who, motivated by an intent to harm the accused, tells multiple versions of her “story.”  There has never been a more critical use of the tool of cross examination than exposing the fraudulent “victim” at trial! Here is the Story False Allegations in California Case Illustrate Danger of Domestic Violence Laws On the heels … Read The Rest

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